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Ocean Blue Pearls Auctions

World class Location

The auctions are hosted at some of Bali's finest hotels. The venues are specially chosen for their perfect natural light conditions, for inspecting the pearls.

Full Harvest Offering

A full harvest offering is guaranteed by Ocean Blue Pearls, with the full range of shapes, qualities and sizes available.

Logistical Support

Full support is provided to ensure that your pearls are shipped safely back to your home country.

The Auction System

The auction is usually held over a two day period, with the same lots available for inspection on both days. Between 100 - 200 lots are prepared for inspection, which have been finely graded according to shape, size, quality and colour.

At the conclusion of the auction attendees submit their bids in US Dollars. Subject to the Reserve price being achieved, the highest bidder wins and will be notified shortly after the auction closes.

Next Auction

The next Ocean Blue Pearls auction will be held on July 8-9, 2024 in Sanur, Bali. Please contact for further details.

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