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Ocean Blue Pearls has established an enviable reputation for the high quality of its pearls amongst the world's leading pearl dealers. Unlike the majority of Indonesian production, which is cream or yellow in colour, Ocean Blue pearl harvests are consistently a premium white or silver colour. The pearls have a thick nacre, as the oysters (Pinctada maxima) are nurtured at sea for a 24-month period after the 'seeding' of the oyster. This is what gives the pearls their desirous lustre. Whereas other pearl farmers in the region may prioritise quantity as their primary objective, Ocean Blue Pearls has always focused on quality above all other considerations.


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Unlike the diamond industry, there is no standardized grading system for pearls. Although most South Sea pearl farmers employ slightly different grading methodologies, generally they recognise the same shapes. Ocean Blue Pearls grades its harvest into the following shapes:


ROUND (RD)                       Spherical in appearance, these pearls will roll smoothly on a flat surface. Considered the premium shape.

SEMI-ROUND (SR)              Appear round at first sight, but will demonstrate a slight 'wobble' when rolled on a flat surface.

HIGH BUTTON (BH)           A plump cushion shape, these pearls will roll with a very noticeable 'wobble.'

FLAT BUTTON (BF)            Perfect for pearl studs, as they will lie flat against the ear.

DROP (DP)                          A longer pearl with the top tapering up to a point and a rounded base. Used in earrings and for pendants.

SHORT DROP (DS)            Barely discernible length, often ovoid in appearance, they may be used in strands or earrings.

OVAL (OV)                          Perfectly symmetrical along the length of the pearl.

BAROQUE (BQ)                 A freeform shape  with little or no symmetry.

CIRCLE (CR)                       Multiple parallel lines or grooves evident on the surface. Generally the most affordable shape.

NECKLACE 1 (NL1)           May appear almost round when strung together. On closer inspection they may appear slightly irregular.

NECKLACE 2 (NL2)           A more lengthy pearl which may have a small 'knob' on top or be a reverse Drop.

NECKLACE 3 (NL3)           Often semi-baroque in aspect, this category also includes Triangles and pearls with a heavier 'knob' on top.

KESHI (KS)                          Similar in appearance to Baroque pearls, but they do not possess a nucleus.


Pearl quality is a combination of both complexion (the degree of spotting) and lustre (brightness)

Round and Semi-round shape have five quality grades:

A          a clean skin and excellent lustre.

B1        one to three fine spots with at least 75% clean face. Excellent lustre.

B2        at least 50% clean face with excellent lustre.

C1        at least 30% clean face with medium to excellent lustre.

C2        heavily spotted with no clean face.

Other shapes have four quality grades with 'B' comprising both B1 and B2.

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